Kent Island Life

In 2022 it will be essential us businesses to support each other in a climate where it has become increasingly difficult to find employees and simply get people into the front doors. We have decided to whatever we can help our community areas and spread the word about local services and products. Because of this we have launched Please check us out and let us know what you think.

The KI Life website

Kent Island life is essentially a business listing application. There are many that exist, though this one specifically uses a slightly different model to quickly scale the product while allowing for enhanced search engine optimization. The website was built with mobility in mind meaning that the platform is completely mobile first. Each business in the listing is managed by a backend database to provide the details associated with the business.

Then, each business also gets an independent page that provides additional details including a map to the address and other features coming soon. Some of those features soon will be:

Job Feeds - a listing of all the companies hiring in the area

Press Releases - companies may have excited news, and this is the place for latest information

Specials and Coupons - Coupons will be available to use at certain locations in the area.

Social - share your favorite companies and get involved by giving kudos or asking questions.

The goal behind will be to help companies as much as possible on Kent Island and the surrounding areas get back to a normal Kent Island life.