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Break/Fix is Broken

Break/Fix is Broken

In the modern world technology has become essential to the workplace. Deciding where to begin or how to move forward we must look at the options. There are only so many options when it comes to servicing the technology needs of a business. The only real options we have is to have in house IT, but for most small to medium sized businesses in house IT doesn’t make sense. Not only is the business owner focused on the business they know, not IT, not to mention the costs in having in-house IT. So most owners outsource most of the major IT to a company whom specializes in technology. The old trend was to call for help when help is needed, this is called break/fix support. However as technology advances, so does how it is serviced. That is where managed services come in. Each business owner will have to decide what makes the most sense for there business. Below i compare the differences between managed services and break/fix, and why managed service providers are far superior.

Break/Fix is an older method of providing tech services. Break/fix is a simple concept, a business has a technology problem, and a tech company will go fix the problem for a fee. Utilization of this type of service means repairs are made a necessary and billed accordingly. This type of service usually includes hardware and software repairs, system installations and upgrades, peripheral install and upgrade, and networking needs.

Managed services on the other hand is more of a subscription based service plan. The business would pay a fixed amount for all services included in the plan and then pays an additional amount for any services not included in the plan. Managed services are always outsourced and statistically improve businesses operations. A company like New Vertical Technologies would take over the full scope of the IT management, and computer network support. Managed service providers take the worry out of IT and allow you the business owner to do what you do best, doing business. For this reason and more to follow Managed Service Providers are far more efficient.

Managed service providers or MSP’s, like New Vertical Technologies can do so much to enhance a companies efficiency and over all risk. As with all investments you make in your business, they all carry certain risks. Markets, technologies, financial conditions and government regulation all change regularly. When you hire a managed service provider you pass off a lot of risk to them. MSP’s have extensive knowledge in the areas of security, compliance and technology in general, so the business owner can focus on the business they know best and allow an MSP to do the same.

Most large companies typically have in-house IT with their own team of IT professionals as where most small to medium sized businesses can not afford a luxury of that kind. However when you hire an MSP you are hiring that expertise and intuition that the large companies have, allowing the smaller business to have the same advantages. An MSP will free up a manager so they can stay focused on business needs instead of complex technical needs.

An MSP is equip to be proactive, meaning better performance, nearly no downtime and fewer issues overall. An MSP like New Vertical Technologies proactively detect issues before they become problematic and create more downtime and expense. Speaking of expense, utilizing a managed service provider also means your expense is predictable and controlled unlike a break/fix strategy. It also saves you money, that’s right, the best benefit of the MSP model is its ability to actually save you money by being proactive they minimize the chance of expensive network disasters.

When you hire a managed service provider you gain access to their staffs knowledge base. That is far more superior than a small IT team or person. You also get compliance expertise, whether it be PCI, HIPPA or another. You pass off the the responsibility of keeping network and systems compliant and secure and put it in the hands of industry experts who can be sure everything is up to code and compliance.

To summarize, if you currently are utilizing a break/fix solution for your company or feel as if your spending far too much on in-house IT a managed service provider like New Vertical Technologies could save you time, money, and resources so you can work on improvement and expansion of your company.

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