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Hardware fails, will you fail with it?

Hardware fails, will you fail with it?


Computer hardware is sensitive, high tech equipment. When a component of your computer reaches the end of its cycle it will need to be replaced. Hardware replacements can be very time consuming and costly. If you own a small to medium sized business, having to replace hardware in a machine you need up and running can be debilitating. A hardware failure does not only slow operations but also can inflate IT budgets. Companies that do not have some sort hardware monitoring or maintenance plan in place with experience a much higher rate of hardware failures.


Reducing hardware failures should start at the operators, your employees. Simple practices such as unplugging machines while active thunderstorms are in the area, and turning off devices not in use will increase the life of hardware. Also, having policies in place in regards to downloading files onto company machines will also prolong equipment hardware. Companies with full time IT, or managed service providers can afford to keep their equipment’s components properly maintained, however, those who do not are purely relying on non IT staffs knowledge on computers will find themselves having more hardware failures due to lack of understanding on how to proper maintain the equipment.


All hardware has a lifetime, or life expectancy regardless of whether it is a laptop, desktop, cellphone, etc. All hardware has a life cycle. Some business owners tend to use equipment until it is practically antiquated, however this is completely the wrong choice to make.

Using older and outdated equipment can actually lead to more break downs which goes with out saying causes more down time. Using these out dated and older machines could actually cost you a lot more in repairs. These outdated machines in most cases are not compatible with current operating systems. When you choose to not replace machines when necessary, you may save a bit of money today but is likely hurting your businesses productivity for the future.


Computers are made of delicate and sensitive components, and are more likely to fail if exposed to dusty and/or poorly ventilated spaces. Computers use fans to move air past components to keep them cool. Prolonged exposure to dust and heat can cause irreversible damage. Regardless of the dustiness of the area you store your computers, a portion of computer maintenance requires dismantling it, and cleaning the fans so they function properly so they do their jobs in keeping the components cool and allows for the machine to essentially last much longer.


A UPS can be a life saver when it comes to hardware failures. As mentioned above turning off machines during local thunder storms is advised. Sometimes however, we may be unaware of a storm or other issues happening around us. A UPS is designed to supply your workstation emergency power in the event of a power outage. Also, it protects against power surges and any other type of up and down in the electrical current that is not necessarily related to a power outage.


Small to medium sized businesses whom do not have onsite or a limited IT department may benefit from a managed service provider. Msp’s provide monitoring on your computers and may give good advice on keeping your equipment serviced properly or when the time has come to consider replacement of outdated machines.

It does not matter what industry you are in, replacing equipment is imminent, however the duration in which it needs to be replaced does not need to be a routine circumstance. New Vertical Technology helps companies everyday make the most out of their equipment and, we are hear for your company as well.

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