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The Risks are about Rise!

The Risks are about Rise!

Just about ten years ago Microsoft made the commitment to support Windows 7 for 10 years. January 14, 2020 marks the end of that cycle. That is correct , you have just under 2 months to make the change or become vulnerable. At the sound of midnight technical assistance and software updates, things that do in protect your computer, will no longer be available. Microsoft themselves strongly recommends that you move to windows 10 sometime before the cut off. Security updates will stop, leaving your systems more susceptible to the plaque of ransomware attacks, and other viruses. Included in support shutdown this will also be the updates for Internet Explorer on Windows 7 operating systems.

If you continue to use windows 7 beyond the expiration one of last updates (KB4493132) will include a notification system reminding the Windows & user to update to Windows 10. The update is in fact optional, however if you have windows auto update turned on you will receive the update automatically.

You may be asking how the end of the support for Windows 7 may effect you. In the past years, Microsoft has put some hefty patches into Windows in the Run-up to the final support date, to secure the operating system as much as possible. And although this has been a welcomed action by any remaining users, after that hackers will have free rein on a never changing operating system.

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