Technology Services

Software Development

Software: C#, Java, Python, Powershell, Ansible, PHP, Scala, Ruby on Rails, VB, C++, SQL, Angular, React

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Mysql, MariaDB, Couchbase, CouchDB, MongoDB, Hadoop, Redshift.

AWS: S3, EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Formations, Elastic Container Registry, Lambda, Load Balancers, Cloud Watch, Route53, VPN, VPC, SNS, SRS, Glue.

Azure: DevOps, SqlAzure, Websites, Azure Storage, Virtual Machines, Container Instances, Kubernetes

Server Tech: Elasticsearch, Solr, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Nifi.

We have also used 100s or other technologies for workflow, analytics, deployments, web design, web development, source control, project management, software development, testing, hosting and maintenance.

Full-Stack engineering including:

  • Requirements analysis and design
  • Requirements collection, analysis and refinement
  • Design and modeling services for data centric applications
  • Software Architecture including state diagrams, logic and flow diagrams meant to represent a physical system.

Software Development

  • coding
  • unit testing
  • scripting
  • source control, versioning


  • setup of development, testing, integration and production environments.
  • pipeline setup for continuous delivery
  • automated execution of tests in the pipeline
  • container based delivery of software
  • setup of elastic deployment environments
  • networking, access control and security required for public facing applications

Testing services

  • functional and regression testing of software artifacts in various environments
  • automated UI and Unit tests
  • test documentation

Cloud Engineering


  • client meetings
  • document review
  • security review
  • Reporting / NOC requirements (network operations center)


  • Dev, Test, Integration and Production environments design
  • network architecture
  • security
  • access controls
  • Software analysis
  • fail-over / fault tolerance / elasticity


  • Automation coding
  • Source repository
  • Software Evaluation setup

Deployment / Infrastructure setup

  • Dev, Test, Integration and Production environments implementation
  • Multi availability zones
  • Fail environment setup
  • Security infrastructure
  • Networking infrastructure

Website Development

Client meetings

  • understand the general requirements
  • proposal process to take requirements and outline a statement of work

Web Design

  • Work with the client to get a good design for their industry
  • Iterate with the design until full approved.

Web Development

  • Code the various website assets into a workable public facing website
  • Add additional features based on client meetings and proposal
  • Store work assets in source repository
  • Allow clients to own and access the source assets


  • Setup of cloud services for continuously deploy services
  • Use econmical hosting services to storing the running application
  • Integrate additional services such as database, email, forms, blogs or anything else the client desires


  • Update the website based on changing content
  • Respond to issues if the website were to go down
  • Add feature as necessary. This could result in future proposals

Office 365 Setup

Client Meeting

  • Discuss security requirements, number of users, total allocated space required.
  • Explain microsoft licensing costs associated
  • Proposal implementation and setup of services


  • Create accounts for all users
  • Create structure for stored files required during client meetings
  • Assign permissions to file / folder assets
  • Create and add any additional required applications
  • Setup domain and start email flow


  • Break / fix support.
  • Adding / removing users as necessary
  • Updating permission as necessary

Retail (Inventory and Reporting)

  • Accountant and Law Firm Software
  • Hospitality Industry Solutions
  • Private Practice and Group Practice Physicians
  • Healthcare Support Systems
  • Industrial and Commercial IT Services
  • Government Software, Solutions and Support

CEO - Robert Chumley

Robert has been innovating technology solutions for 20+ years and is laser focused on enabling business growth through technical innovation.