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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Technology is constantly changing and evolving. We are experts at keeping up with the current trends for many different industries. We have many extensive industry solutions that will service your business very well. Please allow us to show you how we can put you in charge of your technology.

No! We firmly believe in constantly providing value. We offer as little or as much services you need, and then offer you the solutions to continue on without us. In doing this, we hope to become your trusted advisors on all technology needs.

Yes we do! Open source is where we learned to love technology. Providing these solutions allows us to deliver solutions at many times far reduced prices at the same quality of end product. Please let us help you navigate the vast ocean of Open Source.

We offer many remote and on premisis services where we can perform new system setups, upgrades and implimentations without impacting your day-to-day operations. We also have a vast technical data center that allows us to standardize on approaches that are mission critical. As such, we operate locally in Maryland, Virginia and Deleware and remote services can be offer across the United States.

Yes! We know that all technical skills cannot fit in one persons head at one time. Our services allow you to have exposure to many different technical skills sets without hiring an army of technical support staff. We want to keep your IT guy employed, and then add our value on top of those services where we can.

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