Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Services (Annapolis, MD)

Yes, we offer technical consulting services in Annapolis, MD. If you need something but don't know what it is or want to know how much it costs, our team can help you answer all technical questions and guide you through the decision-making process. Since we've been in the industry for a long time, we have extensive experience and knowledge of technology services and can give you the advice you need to help your project succeed. In addition, our team gives you an unbiased opinion to make sure your best interests are always protected.

Some of the consulting services we offer in Annapolis, MD, include the following:
  • Impact analysis
  • Total ownership cost
  • Implementation plans
  • Holistic technology positioning
  • Technology architecture plans
  • Technical documentation review
  • Technology key performance indicators
  • Competitive analysis and technical scorecards

Yes, of course! New Vertical Technologies offers first-class managed IT services in Annapolis, MD. Our team can help our clients keep their computers and servers in top condition. Moreover, we manage backups and other technologies such as email to keep your company running.

At New Vertical Technologies, we're committed to offering the best technology products and solutions. Therefore, we have partnered with many specialists, software vendors, and hardware providers software and hardware providers to implement, maintain, and manage different systems. In this regard, we take care of the following:
  • Office computers (We offer different services, including security checks, updates, and monitoring)
  • Firewall and VPN management
  • Email and spam protection with identity and threat management
  • Network and wireless access
  • Office servers with software support

We'll adapt our services to your requirements and assist you only when and where necessary. Therefore, if you only need simple monitoring services, we offer minimal rates and help you save money!

Yes, we do! New Vertical Technologies has served different clients in Maryland and across the country, including federal and local government agencies, law firms, retailers, and more. Our specialized verticals include government software (support and solutions), healthcare support systems, retail inventory and reporting, and more! In other words, we offer technical services, monitoring, upgrades, and maintenance of servers, workstations, and cloud services to both small and large companies and organizations.

When looking for experts in cloud computing, Annapolis residents can count on us! We understand that tech giants have introduced different solutions that have changed how companies use technology – such as Amazon AWS, Google GCE, or Microsoft Azure. Therefore, we offer cost-saving cloud computing services and solutions to move your systems to the cloud! Our team will identify and analyze your current on-prem requirements, determine who needs access to your systems, and calculate your required storage volume. After that, we'll devise the right plan to minimize downtime while reducing impact and ensuring data security. Finally, once we set the best time for you and your organization, we'll execute it!

Yes, of course! We serve all small and medium-sized businesses in the Annapolis area! Our solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes.

As a full-service managed IT company in Annapolis, MD, we go the extra mile to provide the best services and help our clients find reliable solutions for their technological needs. Relying on an IT department to support your technology infrastructure can be a nightmare sometimes. However, our CEO, Robert Chumley, has provided innovative technology solutions for over two decades, helping businesses grow and succeed. Also, we're transparent and honest. There are no hidden costs if you hire us. We'll offer affordable solutions and minimal rates for simple services based on your needs and goals.

Although both are appealing options for companies and involve receiving business services from a third party, these terms are not interchangeable. When you use fully outsourced IT services in Annapolis, you're hiring an external partner to handle specific tasks, such as mobile app development and website design. It's also a one-time or pay-as-you-need option. However, managed services offer a more holistic approach and a comprehensive range of solutions covering one or several areas. They also deliver long-term assistance and more specialized results.

Managed IT services are excellent options for companies that have to integrate different solutions, technology platforms, and providers into a single plan. Businesses needing long-term support for their systems and networks can also benefit from them. In addition, managed service providers often assess companies' current infrastructure and operations to identify and understand their pain points, determine if anything compromises performance, and create plans for immediate improvements. Finally, if you get managed IT support in Annapolis, you'll enjoy the following benefits:
  • Predictable spending
  • Lower capital expenditures
  • Fast response time
  • No downtime if an issue arises
  • Reduced strain on in-house IT staff
  • Holistic approach that streamlines operations
  • Improved security and stability
  • Compliance with rules and standards regarding individual rights protection (It applies to companies that use managed compliance services)

Yes, we can! Our team has extensive experience handling data management technologies and ensuring consistent access to data to help businesses get the results they expect and need. We can migrate systems to new or upgraded technologies, perform regular maintenance on custom web and windows applications, connect systems to produce new results, build new applications, and more! If you're in Annapolis, our IT services are what you need to solve your software issues and pick the right enterprise software solutions to keep your large or small business running!

Yes, of course! New Vertical Technologies is a locally operated firm in Annapolis. Therefore, we can also help our customers with their technical needs. Our team has the required skills and tools to perform hardware repairs and upgrades. In addition, we offer screen replacement, data transfer, and data recovery services.