Managed IT Services and Managed Software Strategy

Managed IT Services and Managed Software Strategy

Dividing managed software services into categories is the best approach. These categories determine the software asset management best practices and ways to keep track of your software license management best practices.

Security and Monitoring Software

The best software for office computers is one that detects threats and keeps everyone protected. These programs are for virus protection and have filters to stop users from accessing harmful websites. These programs can also help avoid common email scams and alert the team if a problem exists.

The base software may also contain a remote tool that will allow a technical person to assist with fixing problems. Be careful online as some people pretend to help but actually want to steal your information or harm your devices.

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Generally, people call the software that keeps track of employees as they work remotely mobile workforce management software. These programs help with delivering software updates and keeps track of who is accessing what data remotely.

Remote employees risk having computers stolen or they could exposing sensitive data while traveling. These are insider threats and you should work to minimal exposure. Employees could access public wifi that risks anyone getting access to files and data on the computer without the user knowing.

You should also write agreements that employees must sign which outlines responsible use of company equipment. This contract ensures employees know the rules and consequences of breaking those rules.

Software Change Management Best Practices

You should handle software updates with great care. You can also cause down time if updates are not tested property. You should check the software version against the asset management worksheet to determine if known issues in software software exists.

You should also document the existing process of installation. Your environment will have subtle differences than other environments so being very details is important. You should list all equipment in the company, software installed, and who will be using the system. You should also document each users level of access.

You can ensure issues are resolve quickly by taking these steps. In the following sections we will outline the additional best practices for managing software.

Software License Management Best Practices

Aging software versions have risks due to security holes in core technologies. New problems occur frequently. Keeping your software updated regularly minimizes problems as soon as possible. The best way to do this is software that tracks other software versions.

You could use a spreadsheet to track software versions and know which release is on each computer. You can then use this document during upgrades and make sure updates happen. You should work closely with your software vendor to understand the licensing agreement. You may find there are subtle areas in the agreement that may it easier to maintain the license.

Software Asset Management Best Practices

The best way to manage software assets is with a chain of custody. Asset tracking documents for software tracks how software flows through the organization. You can also simply combine the asset management with license management software.

Your asset management strategy allows for the team to quickly understand costs of maintaining a software solution. You should also audit your software assets regularly. Many government agencies require anyone who uses IT system to have an asset management strategy.

Practice Management Software

You can also use checklists for orthodontics, dental, podiatry and general practice management software. You can uses these kits to outline required system specifications for installing the software. You can contact the software designer and ask for maintenance kits required to support the systems.

The practice management software consists of many moving parts. Your database stores the data for the current practice. Each computer at the office runs the practice management program. The office network also ensures the program is available to all computers.

Orthodontic Practice Management Software

Orthodontics and dental practice management software improves your ability to manage patients. Your can use orthodontics practice management software to manage orthodontics patient information. You can use this software to manage orthodontics records relating to practice management.

Practice Management Software Podiatry

Podiatry practice management software is specialized to podiatry practices. You should ensure data stored meets compliance. This includes checking your HIPPA, FIPS and other compliance requirements.

You should always consider cyber insurance at go along with the use of technology systems. You should also review the policy to make sure you are taking every precaution.

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

We recommend using ecommerce software to assist you with inventory management. Your business requires accurate inventory levels. These inventory levels need to be correct in multiple locations. You should have backups of historical inventory levels for reporting.

Reporting software helps you to see how your inventory changes over time. Reporting software also helps to track advertising spend to sales.

Back Up Practice Management Software

Performing regular backups of the practice management solution is critical. You can use these backups any time a problem happens. Without backups, you cannot restore your systems to before a problem happens. You can find instructions on how to back up the practice management software in the guides included with the software.

Legal Document Management Software

Law firms require documents to be secure and available at all times. The best way you can ensure this is to have software that manages the files. Your backup software should transfer files to the cloud as an offsite backup location. You can retrieve these files in the case of a failure.

Legal Document Management Software runs either on your network or in the cloud. This software improves your security be making sure access it tightly controlled.